What is CPQ in Salesforce?

CPQ in Salesforce is any Configure Price Quote Software sales tool that allows sales reps to create quotes with customized product and pricing configurations based on the buyer’s needs, and then sync all interactions with a deal’s documents, within the Salesforce CRM.

The result is a much more organized sales process that ensures the information in a quote accurately reflects leads’ personal information, as well as product selection and pricing rules.

Next-generation CPQs can increase revenues by automatically generating custom quotes that reflect accurate quantities, pricing adjustments, and discount authorizations even when selling complex product configurations.


CPQ in Salesforce isn’t only about increasing the speed and accuracy of your internal sales and revenue operations teams. It’s a critical part of executing the strategies set by executive leadership.

CPQ in Salesforce lets sales reps get the information they need to execute on multiple product and channel campaign objectives simultaneously.

At the same time, decision-makers can keep track of progress so adjustments can be made whenever new realities emerge. Discounts can be changed, product categories revised, tactics in a particular category revised–anything needed to increase revenues for current market conditions.

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