What Is Community Cloud?

A community cloud is a type of private cloud, which offers dedicated infrastructure for organizations from a specific community with common concerns like security, compliance, jurisdiction, etc. It is an ideal solution in terms of cost-effectiveness, privacy, and security.

A community cloud combines the features and benefits of different cloud types into a single solution customized to a specific industry (Banks, insurance, government, enterprise, etc.). It is also appropriate for organizations working on a similar project, research topic, or application and requires identical resources.

A community cloud is not open to the public; it is only accessible to a selected group of people. It is adaptable as it can be designed and managed by one or all members of an organization and a third-party provider.



Some Community Cloud Examples

  • Community cloud for the healthcare industry

The Healthcare industry requires secure storage for the transmission of sensitive patient data. Hospitals and laboratories frequently share patient records. They could do this easily using a compliant community cloud. It’s also appropriate for pharmaceutical businesses that share data internationally. Community cloud adoption is a no-brainer, given the continuing global collaborative medical research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Community cloud for government

Government community clouds are designed primarily for government agencies. Constant communication and data transactions between many departments are required for government activities and services. They all run on the same infrastructure, and resources and services are shared amongst them.

  • Community cloud for the education sector

To connect administrators, instructors, students, and parents community cloud is used by various educational institutes. Community cloud for education includes expenditures, licensing management, and the purchase and maintenance of hardware and software. Not every university can afford a private cloud, a community cloud is an option that is being investigated in several countries.

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