Sales Cloud part of the platform which is focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the sales team of an organization and hence increases the amount of sales. It stands unique when compared to other sales methods as it provides both the account information of the customer as well as the information gathered from the social platforms about the product and customer. This helps in judging the potential of a sales lead and closing the sales faster.

Following are the Key business Goals achieved by using the Sales Cloud.

Close more deals

The availability of all the account information as well as product information for customer’s needs makes it easier to drive more number of leads to closure.

Close deals faster

Mobile apps and visual design of the workflows for business process approvals makes it faster to close the deals.

Get more deals

Continuous optimization of campaigns depending on the market response and closure interaction with channel partners gets more deals.

Quicker decisions

The availability of reports and dashboards gives a very detailed picture of the business scenario and also increases accuracy of sales forecasting. So the business decisions are taken quickly.

Key Features of Sales Cloud

Contact Management

Gives complete information on customers including previous communications, discussions, key contact numbers and emails.

Opportunity Management

It helps create and change quotes in response to sales interaction and deal scenario.

Salesforce Engage

Gives alerts on active leads and create personalized campaigns.

Lead Management

Helps assign leads to right people and track the campaigns.

Reports and Dashboards

Helps create dashboards which can be drilled down for further information. This leads to faster decisions.

Sales Forecasting

Gives accurate view of sales forecasting which can be adjusted based on real-time data.

Workflow and Approvals

Helps simplify the approval process and automate any business process using visual drag and drop interface.

Territory Management

Helps create different territory models and apply rules to them.

Files Sync and Share

Search, share and find files faster. This leads to a greater collaboration.

Sales Performance Management

Helps create a link between sales data and sales goals. It also helps in creating performance summaries.

Partner Management

Easily connect with partners and give them a view of sales performance. It also helps in easy onboarding, training and supporting sales partners.

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